Sandra's Framing Cross Stitch Bluebirds

Hang It,
Don’t Hide It!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the framing is the ultimate showcase. Frames complete your art and take it to the next level.

The right framing makes
all the difference

Frames are the unsung heroes of any art installation. They protect and support artwork, but they often go unnoticed by viewers because people tend to focus on how a painting looks instead. Sandra Zelensky understands this, which is why she dedicates her time at Sandra’s Framing Gallery And Gifts giving frames their due respect as an integral part in every works’ design process.

“The connections that I make with my customers are especially important to me. I love hearing the stories that go along with the piece or pieces that they are entrusting to me. It makes it personal.”

Besides providing the perfect frame and mat for your art, photo, or certificate, Sandra’s Framing Gallery and Gifts also provides a space for artists to share their works and sell them.

She invites any artists wanting to display and sell their work to visit her at the store for available gallery space. Supporting local artisans in and around Prince Albert is one of Sandra Zelensky’s main goals of her shop. She also has a wide variety of unique treasures for a special gift for someone or for yourself. From candles and earrings to gourmet food products like spices for the perfect fish or chicken recipe, Sandra’s has it all.

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